التوظيف في العربية للطيران 2022 .. تطلب موظفي مركز الإتصال مبتدئين بالمغرب


التوظيف في العربية للطيران .. تطلب موظفي مركز الإتصال مبتدئين بالمغرب .. وظائف شركات الطيران 2022

العربية للطيران المغرب عضو في مجموعة العربية للطيران. تعتبر العربية للطيران المغرب ، التي تتخذ من الدار البيضاء مقراً لها ، شركة الطيران الاقتصادي الرائدة في المغرب. تم إطلاق شركة الطيران في أبريل 2009 وتركز على عرض يجمع بين الراحة والموثوقية والقيمة الممتازة مقابل المال.

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التوظيف في العربية للطيران 2022 .. تطلب موظفي مركز الإتصال مبتدئين بالمغرب
التوظيف في العربية للطيران 2022 .. تطلب موظفي مركز الإتصال مبتدئين بالمغرب

أولا : التوظيف في العربية للطيران

Air Arabia recrute des Agents Call Center Débutants:

Adresse de l’entreprise.  04 Rue Carthage, Quartier les Iris, Casablanca

Raison social de l’entreprise :Air Arabia Maroc

Secteur d’activité.

Compagnie aérienne


Air Arabia recrute des Agents Call Center Débutants

To support the Contact Centersection across the network by handling customers’ inbound calls and providing information on the various products and services; processing flight and holidays reservations, modifications and cancellations; promoting other ancillaries and services to maximize sales and enhance customers’ experience ensuring productivity is in line with set measures and company’s adopted policies and procedures.

Key Result Responsibilities

  • Handles customers’ enquiries, requests and complaints in a positive effective manner whilst ensuring company’s branding and corporate image are reflected in a positive manner and as per approved quality standards.
  • Responds to customers’ incoming calls pertaining to all kinds of enquiries, requests, and complaints timely and accurately to reflect a positive image of the company.
  • Provides accurate information about the company’s products and services; processes travel bookings, modifications and cancellations on reservations.
  •  Handles customers’ complaints of different nature, identifies and prioritizes problems according to complexity, and provides immediate solutions accordingly.
  • As needed, escalates complaints to concerned parties in Contact Center or any other division and follows up on action taken.
مرتبات العربية للطيران
الشركة العربية للطيران
التوظيف في العربية للطيران
وظائف طيران الإمارات
وظائف شركات الطيران 2020
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Air Arabia cabin Crew salary
التوظيف في العربية للطيران
وظائف المطار 2022
العربية للطيران مصر

ثانيا : وظائف شركات الطيران 2022

  • Promotes the company’s products and services through cross-selling such as ancillaries, holidays packages, loyalty programs, etc. ensuring monthly targets are met thus increasing the revenue and sales.
  •  Converts lead calls to Contact Center sales agents and field sales agents as needed and follows up with customers to ensure enquiries been responded to effectively.
  • Demonstrates thorough understanding of the Contact Center core activities & functionalities, supports the team in day-to-day operations ensuring maximum productivity, flexibility, and cooperation are achieved.
  • Ensures all key performance indicators for customer satisfaction are achieved, including agreed service levels, quality standards and productivity.
  • Demonstrates willingness and cooperation in learning new initiatives and methodologies that add value to the overall performance.

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Qualifications (Academic, training, languages)

  • High School/Diploma or equivalent.
  •  Capable of using technology systems and tools such as Microsoft Office.
  •  Good in English , French & Arabic Languages
  •  No hearing or articulatory problems.

Work Experience

  • No previous experience is required for this role; any experience would be treated as an advantage.
  • Capability of understanding market trends and channeling them leading to effective customer care solutions
  • Possesses effective communication skills that enable him/her utilize in building sales and marketing techniques.
  • Capable of understanding customers’ problems and direct them in the right channel.
  • Ability to work for long hours and under pressure.
  • Capable of identifying problems and immediately reacting to situations of different nature such as angry customers, complaints and special requests.
  •  Demonstrates the ability to contribute and successfully deliver against business strategy and set KPIs.


وظائف شركات الطيران 2022
وظائف الطيران للنساء
التوظيف في العربية للطيران
وظائف شركات الطيران 2022
وظائف شركات الطيران الخاصة في مصر
وظائف شركات الطيران السعودية
التوظيف في العربية للطيران
وظائف شركات الطيران بالاسكندرية
وظائف شركة الطيران الاماراتية في مصر
ما هي وظائف الطيران
التوظيف في العربية للطيران

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